Mooandflo Facebook Giveaway

You should know by now that I like a wee competition or giveaway now and then, so here’s the latest fun.

You have to look at the mooandflo catwalk on Facebook and tell me which of the pics is your favourite.

That’s it!  Easy.


You can

– whichever method you choose, make sure you are very clear which pic it is you are voting for.

You can vote more than once, but you can only vote for each picture one time.

You can ask friends and family to vote too.

No-one has to like the page in order to vote.


The winners will be the pic with the most comments (by any method) and the comment that we like the most.


Winners will get a wee goodie pack from mooandflo.


Entries close on Thursday 3rd May, 9pm NZ time.


vote mooandflo for world peace

Oh okay, so that might be over-egging it a a bit, but if you vote mooandflo and I win I can at least promise you all some fun blogging about the photoshoot.

You can’t say fairer than that for two clicks of the mouse, surely?

Just click here, like the page, then vote for meeeee.