Some Super Size 3 Dresses

I finally had time to make some new stuff this week and treated myself to making some girls’ dresses in really lovely fabrics.  I made size 3s since there have been a fair few requests for that size lately, but there will have to be some 2s and 4s made soon otherwise there’ll be an insurrection.

Anyway here they are, the new frocks.  I sometimes so wish I had a wee girly all of my own – thank goodness for nieces, cyber nieces, and friends’ kids!

butterfly dress

I guess at some point I should also make some trousers for the boys, too, since winter is just around the corner.

~ Dianne


vote mooandflo for world peace

Oh okay, so that might be over-egging it a a bit, but if you vote mooandflo and I win I can at least promise you all some fun blogging about the photoshoot.

You can’t say fairer than that for two clicks of the mouse, surely?

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