One of *those* days…

This week my Christmas holidays were over and it was back to work at mooandflo, with a wee backlog of orders to tackle and all manner of odd sewing jobs for pals (you know what it’s like… can you just hem me this, would you mind mending this hole, can you whip up some waterproof boat seat covers for me!  Really?!  Anyway I digress…)

Back to work.  Yes.  So I opened up the order book, checked my list, and went to work on three fairly time-consuming but exciting custom orders.

Five hours, two coffee breaks, one tanty and  a few meters of bias binding later I had three lovely garments and was feeling just a wee bit pleased with myself.  Some might say smug.

I posted the pics on my Facebook page and awaited the nice comments I was sure would come.

But you know what pride comes before, don’t you…

I got the white top and went to parcel it up to send out.  I did my wee quality control checking, and as I open the snap poppers on the shoulder… RRRrrrip!

Disaster!  This garment was edged with binding rather than being lined, and being only one thickness and not the usual two, the fabric was just not strong enough for the pulling and ripped straight through.

Not even a nice straight tear, either – oh no, a right-angled one.


Undeterred I contacted the customer to explain what I had done and ask whether she would like me to creatively patch the garment with fabric to match the skirt or just make a new one… and it turns out I’d made the top in the wrong coloured bindings anyway.

I mean, really, at this point I had to laugh.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, an email arrives from one of the other customers… she loved the dress, but I’d made it in navy blue and she had clearly asked for bright blue.  She had.  I don’t know how on earth I’d forgotten!  I even remembered the dress that inspired her to make the order – a bright. blue. dress.

Okay, so that’s another one to remake, and not just remake but to unpick the whole applique and put it on the new dress as it used two fabrics I have no more of.

I should point out that these are both lovely ladies and good customers, and so I had no problem at all sucking it up and was happy to make things right.  However, there were moments that I  had to shake my fist at the heavens and ask if The Gods  thought this was funny.  Three garments and only one of them right.  Am I on some cosmic TV channel, existing only for the amusement of almighty and absolute beings?

But I get the last laugh, because one of those lovely customers promptly said she would take the torn top once it is repaired and for me to make matching trousers – so out of a disaster came a sale.

Take that, you supernatural meanies!  You might be powerful, but mooandflo and our customers have all manner of powers of our own, not least of all big smiles and wide hearts, and they ALWAYS win 🙂

Dianne (Flo)  mooandflo