Making Itty Bitty Baby Shoes

I am having such fun making little shoes for babies and toddlers right now that I stayed up until gone midnight last night making “just one more pair”.  I’d just spent a week making a number of practice shoes to see what the best and fastest method was and working out how to make the pattern reversible since it wasn’t reversible to begin with.  So to finally be able to make an actual pair, a proper “will-be-for-sale” pair, was more than a little giddy.

the pieces cut out and stay stitched

For such tiny things, the shoes take a surprising number of pieces to make.  When I’m cutting them out, I’m constantly reminded of the children’s story The Elves and the Shoemaker and wondering whether those wee elves will turn up and give me a hand overnight.  That would be nice.  Or would it?  It’s fun and quite addictive cutting out the little pieces, so maybe I’d sulk if they came and took over.  I mean, just look at these dinky wee soles.

lots of itty bitty little soles

Here are some shoes in various states of completion.  Most are waiting for straps and poppers, and all need the final bit of the heel sewing up by hand.

It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to do once you think you’ve just about finished.

one pair almost finished

another pair half made

These pairs are all waiting patiently on the ironing board for those finishes touches.  See the wee giraffes leaping across the green ones – I am in love with that pair.

awaiting some finishing touches

Hopefully, by Friday, I should have about 10-15 pairs finished ready for market this weekend.  I can’t wait to share some finished products with you all.

And I might even have a go at the adult sized ones… cripes!

Finally I want to say a huge Thank Youuuu to Alice from Absolutely Alice and Niki from OddOneOut for kindly gifting me the wild west and safari fabrics.  You guys are the best. x

~ Dianne~ mooandflo