A Bit of Girly Glitz

The creative block was finally overcome with a little burst of sewing, and what better to sew than some frilly wee slip ons for girlies?

My own ankle biter is a boy, so this is how I fill my lace and glitter rations, how I get my fairy fix, how I… oh alright, enough already, you get the drift.

I made them, photographed and uploaded them, and even managed to update my online shop – yes indeed, the creative block is gone.

Do you want to see them?  Do ya?  Do ya?



Making Itty Bitty Baby Shoes

I am having such fun making little shoes for babies and toddlers right now that I stayed up until gone midnight last night making “just one more pair”.  I’d just spent a week making a number of practice shoes to see what the best and fastest method was and working out how to make the pattern reversible since it wasn’t reversible to begin with.  So to finally be able to make an actual pair, a proper “will-be-for-sale” pair, was more than a little giddy.

the pieces cut out and stay stitched

For such tiny things, the shoes take a surprising number of pieces to make.  When I’m cutting them out, I’m constantly reminded of the children’s story The Elves and the Shoemaker and wondering whether those wee elves will turn up and give me a hand overnight.  That would be nice.  Or would it?  It’s fun and quite addictive cutting out the little pieces, so maybe I’d sulk if they came and took over.  I mean, just look at these dinky wee soles.

lots of itty bitty little soles

Here are some shoes in various states of completion.  Most are waiting for straps and poppers, and all need the final bit of the heel sewing up by hand.

It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to do once you think you’ve just about finished.

one pair almost finished

another pair half made

These pairs are all waiting patiently on the ironing board for those finishes touches.  See the wee giraffes leaping across the green ones – I am in love with that pair.

awaiting some finishing touches

Hopefully, by Friday, I should have about 10-15 pairs finished ready for market this weekend.  I can’t wait to share some finished products with you all.

And I might even have a go at the adult sized ones… cripes!

Finally I want to say a huge Thank Youuuu to Alice from Absolutely Alice and Niki from OddOneOut for kindly gifting me the wild west and safari fabrics.  You guys are the best. x

~ Dianne~ mooandflo


shoes, shoes and more shoes

I’ve become a wee bit obsessed with making iddy biddy shoes.  So much so I am making a wee line of them called little pods by mooandflo.

Children’s shoes are just so cute; you can use such outrageously fun fabrics that most grown ups just wouldn’t wear even if they wanted to.  You can add in big bows, jazzy flowers, loud buttons, dainty lace and all manner of fabulous things – jeepers, it just occurred to me that I could add fake fur !  Lawks, is there no end to the possible fun?

So far the shoes I’ve made have been fairly sane.  Well, sane by my standards anyway.  I’ve chosen some cool, loud fabrics as well as dainty prints, and thanks to Niki at Odd One Out I have used the most fabulous retro cowboy fabric, too.  But so far I have set my sights on getting the designs right, so I’ve not let my imagination run too wild.

These are some of the ones I’ve rustled up so far.  I’ve shown you some of these before, but hey ho I am going to show you again because they make me smile.  (The rest are on my Facebook page here.)

These are the Kimono shoes.  They’re reversible and really cute, especially for slim feet.

Reversible Kimono Shoe in Tiki Print

little pods by mooandflo - kimono swirls and cogs

And these are the ‘Rascals’, which are sturdier and fit a wider of chubbier foot than the above Kimono design.  The aptten I used isn’t reversible but I think I have solved that problem.  The pair below were hand sewn and are my tester pair – a good way to get a proper feel for the pattern, I find.

little pods by mooandflo - 'Rascal'

There are more wee tootsie ticklets to come, but I just had to share what I’ve done so far because they’ve made me so giddy.

Shoes – I just can’t get enough of them!

~ Flo (Dianne) at mooandflo

The elves and the shoemakers and flo

There is a wee rumour that I may just be a little bit on the ADHD side of life,  as it seems no sooner do I find something new to make as I’ve lost interest and found something else altogether.  Last week it was jewellery – this week it’s dinky wee  shoes.

To be honest, I blame Google.  I was searching for a pattern for a new cuddly doohicker, when out of the corner of my left eye, just by the rim of my specs, I spotted the magical words ‘baby shoes’.

I didn’t mean to look.


But – not for the first time – the voices spoke to me , and before I knew it I was halfway through the left shoe, leather sole and all!

In the end I found two patterns I sort of liked, both of which I adapted because, as my husband puts it, I “just have to fiddle with things”, and here’s some of what I’ve whipped up so far, in under 48 hours…

mooandflo's Little Pods Reversible Slipper in swirls 'n' cogs

mooandflo's Little Pods Reversible Slipper in camo/harlequin

mooandflo's Little Pods Reversible Slipper in Japanese flower/harlequin

Little Pods Slip-Ons by mooandflo, in spots and watermelon

So now I have recruited some testers to take the shoes and have a good play and run around in them and generally put them through their paces, so I can make any changes needed and then make heaps more!  I can’t wait!

If you want to see what I’ve been making, pop over to my Facebook page and join in the general silliness…

~Dianne (Flo)