Auction time over at mooandflo on Facebook

ImageA once in a blue moon sale of goodies over at mooandflo – things starting from 50c (NZ)

Kids’ clothes from $3

Kids’ slip-on shoes from $5

Bags from $8

Jewellery under $10

Wallets from $3

Cuddly toys from $4

Go see!  

Better still, GO BID 🙂


Mooandflo Facebook Giveaway

You should know by now that I like a wee competition or giveaway now and then, so here’s the latest fun.

You have to look at the mooandflo catwalk on Facebook and tell me which of the pics is your favourite.

That’s it!  Easy.


You can

– whichever method you choose, make sure you are very clear which pic it is you are voting for.

You can vote more than once, but you can only vote for each picture one time.

You can ask friends and family to vote too.

No-one has to like the page in order to vote.


The winners will be the pic with the most comments (by any method) and the comment that we like the most.


Winners will get a wee goodie pack from mooandflo.


Entries close on Thursday 3rd May, 9pm NZ time.

Friday 13th Discount Coupons for mooandflo


The first three orders to use the coupon code MegaMonsterMadness will get 25% off their order!


Every order after that will get a fab 13% off if they use the code MonsterMadness.


The coupon codes are only valid 8-10pm NZ time on Friday 13th April so go go go!

shop at

Doris the overlocker

Is it strange that my overlocker has a name?

It wasn’t a decision so much as something that just happened.  The minute she arrived (oh yes, she is most definitely female, more on that later) I just knew she was called Doris.  It’s like when you have baby and after one look you know what he or she is called – there’s no decision making or choosing, you just know.

Man, she is a handsome thing

In Doris’s case, it was subliminal.  My many visits to Auckland Zoo had well acquainted me with Doris the Alligator over the years, and to me the name was synonymous with something that made me happy and which has strong jaws.  It makes total sense to me.

Doris at Auckland Zoo

As well as being a fine looking specimen, my Doris is a temperamental wee thing, prone to random tantrums and moods.  But she also works hard, does a great job and is totally indispensable.

Yes, most certainly, Doris is a woman.

~Dianne (flo)