Feline Fashions – A Real Cat In A Hat (and worse)

Oh my goodness, the can o’ worms is indeed opened and quite seriously upturned.

A friend asked me why the sudden obsession with dog clothes, since I make children’s clothes and do not even own a dog – indeed I’m know as something of a cat lover… and this lead to the inevitable question “Do they make cat clothes?”

My immediate response was to scoff.  NO self-respecting cat – or even a cat with no self respect – would EVER be seen in clothes, I said.  Not ever.  It’s not gonna ha…

Oh Hell!

High Society Cat in a Hat

Your common-or-garden working class (possibly French and/or a burglar) Cat in a Hat

A cat with high expectations of what he will be when he grows up

A cat who has taken to heart the notion that all cats are the queen bee

Who are these two handsome felines?
Elementary my dear pusskins – Sherlock and Dr Watson

May I introduce to you
King Whiskerworth of Paws and Lady Mewlington Scratch

it’s not easy being green…

I am now away to take my medication and try not to have nightmares, although I fear I will fail and the night will be long.

Oh the horrors.

~ Lady Dianne ‘Catlady’ Whiskerworth Scratch

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