Guess Who’s Having a Birthday? Cake Anyone?

I’ve never been one to lay low around my birthday.  I’m not the woman who lies about her age, cringes if anyone makes a fuss, hopes it will all pass without anyone noticing.  Heck no!

I want  bunting, and presents, and cards, and lots and lots of fuss!  And cake.  yes, lots of cake.

So, with that in mind, I thought I’d share with you all my dream cakes…

This one is soooo gorgeous.  I adore all the pastel colours.  Whoever Theresa is, she must be well loved to have got a cake like that, don’t you think?

Same with Rita’s cake – look at the detail that’s gone into that!  Even the silver buttons and the embroidery are in icing.  As someone who once made a Christmas cake Santa topping that scared young children, I can appreciate how tricky and how wonderful all this craftiness is.

This one made me grin – the bright colours and the seemingly haphazard way the items are placed on the cake to me sum up a good sewing room – organised chaos.  And just look at that pincushion – how cute is that?

But the ultimate cake for a seamstress has to be one like this!  That’s seriously brilliant.  The only problem is, I couldn’t imagine cutting into it!  I might just have a wee nibble of the bobbin and maybe sneak off with the pincushion and leave it at that…

I think this is one of my total favourites, and I know quilters would just love to get a cake like this.  You should go see what the other side of the cake looks like – it’s quite something to see inside the sewing basket too!  What I love about this one is that it’s so easy to adapt – each square can show something significant – ooh, the possibilities are endless.  I may just attempt one of these some time, sewing permitting.

And since I included a cake for the quilters, I thought I’d best include the crocheters too, cos they’re a feisty bunch and I don’t want to be on the end of an irate hook!  With this cake, it’s the cup of tea and the doily that top it off for me – it says lazy afternoons crafting and just makes me feel happy.

I am thinking you are all inspired to go make something tremendous right now, and all I can say to you is Scary Santa.  But I don’t want you leaving all downcast at your limited icing skills, holy moly no I don’t!  So I found these, too – nice and easy and just as crafty.

Enjoy.  And don’t forget to have a wee piece of cake for me on Wednesday – hip hip!  Hurray!  Birthdays are so much fun!


Chief crafty lass at mooandflo