Even Top Designers Make Duds Sometimes

Every so often I make something that never sees the light of day because the idea in my head was so much better than the finished article.  Sometimes it makes me laugh to see what oddity I ended up with, sometimes I could cry for the hours spent on what turns out to be a bit of a road crash.

And I wondered, do top designers get ideas that really just should never have left the drawing board, too?   I decided to do a bit of searching… Here’s what I found…

Yves St Laurent wedding dress, inspired by a babuska doll apparently…. all credit to any man that says yes to a lass in this!

Balenciaga couture 1968 – interesting for a photo but in reality it’s a cross between a bed sheet and a lamp shade

I can only hope this was either by Weta Workshop or was a 13 year old’s sewing project – no other excuses are acceptable

… and this one? well this is just taking the piss…

~Flo  (Dianne)


Dog Fancy Dress – part 4

There are no words…

it’s a simple rule –
if you wouldn’t wear it, don’t make your dog wear it

is it a dog, is it two pirates?
ohhh, my sides

you all loved the T Rex, so here’s
a triceratops for you!

Dog Vader?
ATAT Dog – May the Force Be With You

One can only ponder what that poor dog thinks of that!

And there we end for today – largely because my sides can’t take any more.







Feline Fashions – A Real Cat In A Hat (and worse)

Oh my goodness, the can o’ worms is indeed opened and quite seriously upturned.

A friend asked me why the sudden obsession with dog clothes, since I make children’s clothes and do not even own a dog – indeed I’m know as something of a cat lover… and this lead to the inevitable question “Do they make cat clothes?”

My immediate response was to scoff.  NO self-respecting cat – or even a cat with no self respect – would EVER be seen in clothes, I said.  Not ever.  It’s not gonna ha…

Oh Hell!

High Society Cat in a Hat

Your common-or-garden working class (possibly French and/or a burglar) Cat in a Hat

A cat with high expectations of what he will be when he grows up

A cat who has taken to heart the notion that all cats are the queen bee

Who are these two handsome felines?
Elementary my dear pusskins – Sherlock and Dr Watson

May I introduce to you
King Whiskerworth of Paws and Lady Mewlington Scratch

it’s not easy being green…

I am now away to take my medication and try not to have nightmares, although I fear I will fail and the night will be long.

Oh the horrors.

~ Lady Dianne ‘Catlady’ Whiskerworth Scratch

Find more fantastic cat creations here:




Mental Mut Wear and Dapper Dog Duds

Oh I can’t help myself but be drawn to these ridiculous costumes for dogs.

Let’s be clear – I don’t own a dog;  I have never owned a dog;  I’m not even keen on dogs;  but dog clothes, well now, there I go all of a dither and just can’t help wanting a dog just so I can dress it up.

It’s not right.

It’s an illness, I’m sure.  And I think the only sensible cure might be to get another cat…

But meanwhile, to help me in my road to recovery, here are some of my favourite silly dog costumes:

For the dapper dog about town, this shirt and bow tie combo is an absolute must.

or for the more urban, street dog we can go jeans and hoodie …

and we mustn’t forget the hippie carrot-munching love and peace dog – he needs cool clothes too.

For the working dog: this is for the undercover dog on secret operations at the local zoo

and if your dog is looking at a career in time travel, then this is a must!

Weiner dog? Hot dog? Taco Dog?  Undercover ops at the local kebab house?  Who knows, but it’s fabulous!

Oh, they horrify me and bring me joy all at once.  Whatever next!


Some great dog clothes can be found here:






Top Trousers and Party Pants

I am making children’s trousers today, in all manner of fabrics, huge pockets, and frills.  Kids love bold trousers, big pockets for toys and a bit of joy in their clothing, and who can go wrong with clients like that?  What fun!

Anyway, there I was in trouser mode and so I thought I’d have a little look at what kinds of crazy trousers there are out there already it the loony world of the web, and boy oh boy, I found some doozies.

ciminy, you'd not get lost in a crowd in these

ciminy, you'd not get lost in a crowd in these

These dotty numbers are apparently all the rage for golfing in, although I’m not sure any of my golfing mates will be strutting around the links in them any time soon.  Well, not sober, anyway.  Would you wear them?

I’m thinking they’d be great for skiing or hiking in remote places, because there is no way on earth you’d be missed by the rescue helicopters if you were wearing those.  Maybe it’s a marketing strategy the makers need to investigate.

If spots and dots are not your thing, what about these fabulous trou’, called the Shagadelics?



Now, again, I don’t know any men that would wear these (or do I?) but I am quite sure at least two or three of my girlfriends would totally rock those babies.  You know who you are.

And if I had my 25 year old legs and not these ‘ah-hem-ty’-five’ year old ones, I’d even wear them myself.  As it is, my thighs are so wide that if I wore them now I’d look like a single bed, possibly a double.  Still, one can dream.

Yeah baby.

Farmer Giles was the envy of all the sheep

Farmer Giles was the envy of all the sheep

For those brave, nay crazy souls, with great legs, what about a pair of harem pants to show off your tanned pins?  I think they could really catch on in rural New Zealand.  I wonder if we could get male farmers into them in the summer weather – they’d give sun cover (slip, slap,slop) and let the air in all at once – surely the perfect outdoor work trouser?

No?  Sheesh you are just no fun at all today!

Okay, then I will leave you with THE best trousers in the whole wide world – the only pair that matter, and the pair anyone who is anyone at all should have:

Sing along now everyone… Hammertime

MC Hammer Pants

MC Hammer Pants



Groovy golf trousers can be found at http://www.loudmouthgolf.com/

Superman, Bags, Dogs and Dog Bags!

mooandflo superman tote bag

Last night in a wee fit of curiosity, I Googled the words ‘mooandflo superman bag’  to see where my bag (aside) was in the search rankings. It’s always interesting to see if your things have been indexed and then watch as they go up and down the ranking of things brought back for a given search.

Okay so when I say it’s always interesting, what I really mean is it’s always interesting if you are a saddo geek like myself.  Anyway, I digress.

I Googled ‘superman bag’ to see how famous it was, and the answer is it was nowhere much to be seen, despite much digging and searching. Fame eludes mooandflo once more.

Handbag guard dog?

But lawks a mercy look what else I spotted as I trawled through the images …

Can dogs not walk any more?

Am I missing some leap in the evolution of canines that they now need to be carried lest their dainty wee paws get dirty?

I felt I needed to know more – this was about midnight, after all – a dangerous time to web search at the best of times.

So I searched ‘dog bag’.   And it just got more surreal…

why? just why? oh, and who?

I mean, who would want one of these?

Wouldn’t it feel odd rummaging about in the dog’s innards to find your wallet or phone?  What if you lost your lippy in a leg?

This really was going to give me nightmares.

But by this time I was more than a bit tickled, nay startled, and possibly more than a bit addled.

So I did one last search, this time for ‘superman dog bags’.

And this is what I got …

is it a bird, is it a plane...?

Crimminy!  Whatever next!


dog carrier bag image from http://www.dog-clothes-world.com/dog-accessories/dog-carriers-bags.html
dog shaped bags image from http://www.thefashionpolice.net/2007/11/dog-shaped-handbags.html
Super dog image from Pinterest


Star Wars dress up – may the force be with you

Top on the list of things Flo loves  are Star Wars, fancy dress, and cakes – so what better than a Star Wars fancy dress kids’ party?  I’ve found some really excellent home made costumes out there, so I thought I’d share them with you.

This one is just classic, eh?  It’s just the ticket for all those Little Miss Vaders out there hoping to catch the eye of their Prince Charming at the ball!

If the Dark Side is not for you,  there’s always Luke Skywalker, the epitome of the Light Side (or a blummin’ goody two shoes, depending on your viewpoint).  It’s a nice easy costume to put together and is very effective.  Follow the link at the foot of this post to full instructions on how to make it – easy!

Luke Skywalker

We mustn’t go forgetting the robot contingent of the Empire – we don’t want to be the target of accusations of droidism!  So here’s an R2D2 costume, but one with a difference (are you getting the sense that I have a liking for tutus?)

I think it’s just brilliant, and if it wasn’t for the fact I myself am more Jabba than Leia, I’d be wearing this costume to my next fancy dress myself.

Last but not least, I am breaking form and sneaking in a wee Dr Who number, because it would be criminal not to share this Dalek dress.  I reckon it could just as easily be made with a round neck and teamed with brown pants for a boy, too.

I hope these have given you some inspiration and raised a smile or two – now go and create something fabulous!

Live long and prosper…



Darth Tutu – http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=362874.msg4260533#msg4260533

Luke costume – http://inthelittleredhouse.blogspot.com/2011/10/lukei-am-yourmother.html

R2D2 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/onesandzerosfashions/6303590199/

Dalek dress – http://randommization.com/2011/10/16/dalek-dress-for-halloween/