Mental Mut Wear and Dapper Dog Duds

Oh I can’t help myself but be drawn to these ridiculous costumes for dogs.

Let’s be clear – I don’t own a dog;  I have never owned a dog;  I’m not even keen on dogs;  but dog clothes, well now, there I go all of a dither and just can’t help wanting a dog just so I can dress it up.

It’s not right.

It’s an illness, I’m sure.  And I think the only sensible cure might be to get another cat…

But meanwhile, to help me in my road to recovery, here are some of my favourite silly dog costumes:

For the dapper dog about town, this shirt and bow tie combo is an absolute must.

or for the more urban, street dog we can go jeans and hoodie …

and we mustn’t forget the hippie carrot-munching love and peace dog – he needs cool clothes too.

For the working dog: this is for the undercover dog on secret operations at the local zoo

and if your dog is looking at a career in time travel, then this is a must!

Weiner dog? Hot dog? Taco Dog?  Undercover ops at the local kebab house?  Who knows, but it’s fabulous!

Oh, they horrify me and bring me joy all at once.  Whatever next!


Some great dog clothes can be found here:



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