Creativity Hits the Wall

Ach, I haven’t got much in me today.  My creativity appears to have been swept away by the rain and held off by the cold.  I thought starting a fire might help, but I’ve found I haven’t the enthusiasm to go out and get the wood either… oh dear.

So I did the only thing I ever do when at a loss as to where to go next, I decided to blog about it.  Off I went in search of a suitable image.  All I wanted was a blank wall picture.  A nice simple brick wall.  A wall to metaphorically hit my head against.

Like this.

Just a wall?

But that’s not a simple wall – oh no – it’s a fancy wall.   Cripes, I can’t hit my head against a work of art – that’s just not cricket.

Off to look for a different well.

Oh here’s one.  Less perfect, more natural looking.  It looks grey and then you see pinks and blues.  I like this wall.  It’s interesting.  It makes me want to keep looking.  It’s not a head-hitting wall either.  Dang.  More searching needed.

Here we go – just a tatty old non-arty brick wall.  This might be the one.  I mean, the bricks are crumbling and weathered, and a wee plant has found a home in the cracks.   Hmm, I can’t hit my head against this brick wall, it’s got far too much history and that plant might not approve.

Walls with religious significance?  Erm, no.  Move along.

A stone wall from Yorkshire.  That brings back lots of lovely memories of hiking and camping, sheep and sunshine.   Of caves, and fossil hunting, of ruined castles and picnics.  That’s made me smile.

This wall lark is not nearly as simple as it looks!

Now if we want a head butting wall, then this wall caused lots of it, both metaphorical and literal.  However, my creative block is not nearly a good enough reason to hit my own head on it, given its history.

This wall looks pretty and was quite tempting until I discover the gorgeous colours are actually thousands of wee balls of chewing gum.  Cripes – just imagine the state of my fringe after a wee head but on that – oh no thanks, messing with the hair is taking things TOO FAR.

And this wall is already far too busy, there’s no room for me here.

So I’m settling for this wall.

Because this one reminds me that there’s something gorgeous on the other side of all walls if you just look for it.  Indeed, the wall itself is often far more interesting once we stop and give it some attention.

There’s no such thing as a simple brick wall.



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