Photoshop, Paint and Publisher Fun

I use Photoshop, Publisher and Paint quite a lot for cropping photos, rejigging the brightness and adding my logo, but not much else to be honest.  There’s not much call for all the flash stuff when all you are doing is showing a photo of what you just made for mooandflo.  So today I thought I’d treat myself and have a little play in Paint and Publisher and creat my own little Flo Warhol 🙂

This is the original photo, showing a reversible dress I made with my friend Megan for her niece.  I chose to play just with the image on the left as it has a nice bold geometric design.

Here are a couple of the altered images

sepia tint 

oil paint effect

And here’s my finished Warholesque creation.

mooandflo montage

I am quite taken with the embossed effect, bottom left.  It looks so gentle and handmade.  You can click on the image if you want to see a more detailed version.

And if you get the urge to have a play too, Paint is free, so just download it at and give it a go.

~ Dianne


Learn about and buy Photoshop here

Details of all the versions of Publisher are here


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