Superman, Bags, Dogs and Dog Bags!

mooandflo superman tote bag

Last night in a wee fit of curiosity, I Googled the words ‘mooandflo superman bag’  to see where my bag (aside) was in the search rankings. It’s always interesting to see if your things have been indexed and then watch as they go up and down the ranking of things brought back for a given search.

Okay so when I say it’s always interesting, what I really mean is it’s always interesting if you are a saddo geek like myself.  Anyway, I digress.

I Googled ‘superman bag’ to see how famous it was, and the answer is it was nowhere much to be seen, despite much digging and searching. Fame eludes mooandflo once more.

Handbag guard dog?

But lawks a mercy look what else I spotted as I trawled through the images …

Can dogs not walk any more?

Am I missing some leap in the evolution of canines that they now need to be carried lest their dainty wee paws get dirty?

I felt I needed to know more – this was about midnight, after all – a dangerous time to web search at the best of times.

So I searched ‘dog bag’.   And it just got more surreal…

why? just why? oh, and who?

I mean, who would want one of these?

Wouldn’t it feel odd rummaging about in the dog’s innards to find your wallet or phone?  What if you lost your lippy in a leg?

This really was going to give me nightmares.

But by this time I was more than a bit tickled, nay startled, and possibly more than a bit addled.

So I did one last search, this time for ‘superman dog bags’.

And this is what I got …

is it a bird, is it a plane...?

Crimminy!  Whatever next!


dog carrier bag image from
dog shaped bags image from
Super dog image from Pinterest



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