Christchurch Inspired Handbags

Mingle Jingle by mooandflo

This week has been a hard one for New Zealand and for Christchurch in particular.

It’s been a year since the big earthquake hit the Canterbury region and caused so much destruction.   I sit in my un-quake-damaged house in Auckland and can’t fathom what people ares till going through.

There’s little I can do – I sew, I blog,

But although what I can do is little, it’s not nothing, so here’ s what I’ve done…

I’ve made some Christchurch inspired bags to sell to raise money for the fundraiser.

They were inspired by a friend who has had to leave he broken house, her friends and her job in Christchurch.  She has a beautiful bag those friends made her before she left.

So, with that bag, the Canterbury red and black, and a whole lot of love in mind, I made these.  The profits from them will got to the fundraiser.  You can buy them here.

Lines by mooandflo

As I said, it’s not much.  But every little helps.

I sew, I try to help.

And, most importantly, I listen and care and I hug friends who need it.


Donate to a Christchurch appeal fund:

Christchurch Earthquake Appeal – donate here Fundraiser – pledge here

Red Cross – donate here


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