Pattern Sizing – is it Dodgy or What?

I’m starting to wonder whether the people who design sewing patterns are maybe the same fools who make toasters that go up to 8 when 4 burns your toast to a crisp?

Because, really, the sizing appears to be nigh on random, especially between pattern makers.  You just get to grips with Butterick and then a New Look pattern throws you completely by being different altogether.

It’s just not cricket.  Or even Lacrosse.

I’ve just picked some patterns out of my files at random to compare them:

For a three year old girl, Butterick think  56cm chest and 51cm waist

and McCalls are going for 56cm/52cm

New Look, on the other hand, assure me a 3 year old will have a 55cm chest and a 53cm waist.

Simplicity tell me with confidence that a 3 year old girl will have a 56cm chest and a 52cm waist

… but I just don’t trust them because one glimpse at my older patterns tells me that Simplicity used to say it was 53cm chest and 51 waist…

So their measurements totally depend on how old the patterns are – great for those of us that source retro patterns!

So, to recap – from 51-53cm waist, from 53-56cm chest…

… and that’s before any variations due to sewing.

Excellent.  They sure know how to make life easy.

And of course I am not even going to start thinking about the children on the 5th or 15th or 80th 95th percentile of the growth charts, for whom none of this means a darned tootin’ thing anyway, because if I do I’ll … I’ll… oh too late… Goodbye cruel world of sewing patterns – I am off to put my head in the overlocker now.

~flo (Dianne)



2 comments on “Pattern Sizing – is it Dodgy or What?

  1. same deal for adults on retro patterns. Im a 1? on a pattern I buy now, but a retro pattern a size up on the waist……., sigh.
    You can always borrow miss nearly 5 for sizing…….

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