Kia Kaha Christchurch – Fundraising one year on

“The February 2011 Christchurch earthquake was a powerful natural event that severely damaged New Zealand’s second-largest city, killing 185 people in what has been described as one of the nation’s worst peacetime disasters.”   Wikipedia

One Year On

It’s been almost a year since this devastating earthquakes, and things are not back to normal. People are still waiting to have their houses assessed, jobs, homes and possessions are lost, roads still broken, buildings still being found to be unsafe, and of course loved ones are still gone.

In short, there is still a lot of difficulty in people’s daily lives, still a lot of fear, still a lot of pain.

What can you and I do to help?

My wonderful friend Alexia Santamaria is a serial philanthropist, and has set up a website to receive pledges of support for the earthquake appeal fund.

To get the ball rolling, mooandflo has pledged 10% of all profits for sales between 20th and 26th February. Of course, if you buy before that date and want to help, just tell me to postdate the invoice (for my records) and then your early orders will count towards the fundraising too.

Or just go to the feb22 website and make a personal pledge – and if you have a business, why not make a business pledge? Every single bit helps.

Let the people of Canterbury know we all still care, and care a lot.

Make YOUR pledge now xxx



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