Slightly Bias(ed) Against Binding

Today I finally finished a wonderful wrap around frock for the daughter of a friend of mine, and I’ll admit that I trimmed the last thread with a huge amount of satisfaction and not a modicum of relief.  The thing that plagued me during the making of the frock was the darned bias binding.  Man, that stuff is shocking.  It is totally irksome when you have to do curves!

But, well, no, to be fair, bias binding does make things look totally smart, so to give it its due, from an aesthetic point of view it’s wonderful stuff.

daisy wrap-around tunic dress by mooandflo

Anyway, I can only thank my lovely friend Donna for ordering the dress, because if it were just about anyone else I’d have said thanks but no thanks – but as it was for her and the delightful Miss F,  I persevered and have now passed Bias Binding 101.

I wonder what hell Bias Binding 102 holds, hahahah

~Dianne, maker of things at mooandflo


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