Doris the overlocker

Is it strange that my overlocker has a name?

It wasn’t a decision so much as something that just happened.  The minute she arrived (oh yes, she is most definitely female, more on that later) I just knew she was called Doris.  It’s like when you have baby and after one look you know what he or she is called – there’s no decision making or choosing, you just know.

Man, she is a handsome thing

In Doris’s case, it was subliminal.  My many visits to Auckland Zoo had well acquainted me with Doris the Alligator over the years, and to me the name was synonymous with something that made me happy and which has strong jaws.  It makes total sense to me.

Doris at Auckland Zoo

As well as being a fine looking specimen, my Doris is a temperamental wee thing, prone to random tantrums and moods.  But she also works hard, does a great job and is totally indispensable.

Yes, most certainly, Doris is a woman.

~Dianne (flo)


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